At The Table

Deanie + Katie


About Us 

Hi There! We are Deanie and Katie, co-founders and owners of At The Table. We are a mother/daughter  

duo who love spending time together in the kitchen. We listen to 60's music while we cook/bake, and dance

our way through our long hours over the mixing bowls. We love to laugh and enjoy life, and are truly so

thankful for a job that allows us to do just that. This is our passion and a direct representation of our heart

for people. We are so very glad you stopped by our site today. We can't wait to get to know you!  


I'm Katie

Hi friends! I am the co-owner of At The Table with my classy momma. When I am not cooking or hosting an event, you will find me jogging, gardening, scouring cookbooks, or going on some sort of outdoor adventure. A little camping/hiking/kayaking trip, anyone?! My heart is fueled by sweet time with Jesus, my so very treasured friends, and a healthy heaping of good, black coffee.  

What Deanie says about Katie: 

"No one has ever made me laugh like Katie does. She is precious, loving, and gives of herself constantly, not only to me but to everyone she comes in contact with. Our time together is priceless - we are so blessed with an amazing mother/daughter relationship."




I'm Deanie

I am a mom who loves to bake and cook, especially with my daughter! There is nothing sweeter than sitting down at a big table with family and friends to share a meal and fellowship. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m searching through cookbooks for new recipes, outside planting flowers or veggies, mowing, enjoying musicals or great restaurants, and occasionally playing the piano. 

What Katie says about Deanie: 

"I have never met anyone that attracts people like Mom does. My friends will legitimately fight over who is better friends with Momma Willis - no joke! She welcomes you in and envelopes you with a warm hug as soon as she walks in to your life. She is humble and will never boast, but that's where I come in... She is a gifted pianist, interior decorator, landscape architect, the list goes on! And obviously the best cook you'll ever meet. I am who I am because of her, and for that, I am forever grateful."